Friday, August 12, 2016

Poppie Dolls and Bears

Well, I am off on another adventure.  I just recently discovered the world of Pop Surrealism Art Dolls and thought I would give it a whirl..
These are my first two tries and I am loving the process. The top doll is named Fii and is 4 inches the lower doll is named Mia and she is about 8 inches.  They are all hand-sculpted and painted, wearing vintage lace skirts.. 
It is really different than I am used to.  My creativity can go crazy with no rules so to speak of.
Along with the Poppie Dolls I will be creating vintage type Bears, Ellies, and probably throw in a few Hares..
It seem like I always do this after a Doll Show is over.  I just want to create new and different things.  I might just be burned out on Reborns and cloth dolls.  Don't get me wrong...I still love the Reborns and dolls, but I just need to go in a different direction for a while.
My Daughter thought up the new name, and so I call these dolls Poppie Dolls and Bears.  She is very
As long as I'm at it I might as well tell you all about my new and improved website.
Poppie Dolls and Bears
I have some Reborns on the sight as well.  Just till I sell them then I won't be listing anymore for a while.
Well this has been fun!! I am going to try not to neglect my blog anymore.  I forgot how much fun it is.  Well till next time, have a wonderful weekend!!

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