Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Best present ever

For Christmas this year my husband surprised me with a Canon EOS Rebel xsi camera. It is the best camera I have ever owned.
For Mothers Day he got me a Macro lens for taking pictures of my
miniatures. I should be getting the lens Friday or Saturday. I can't wait. I never thought I would ever get so excited about a camera lens. I have been playing with the new camera since Christmas, and now I think I have the hang of it.

Every time I take a picture now I have to run to the computer and
go to the sites I have saved that teach me how to use the camera...lol. I am really not a good photographer, so this camera lens is a must!! It will do all the work for me, all I have to do is press the button...well not quite, but it will help...lol


  1. Congratulations on your new camera! That's something I seriously need to look into. Mine is soooo old I'm shamed!
    Good luck with yours!

  2. Thanks Joanna, I think your pictures are wonderful, so sharp and clear. But it's always fun to get a new camera...

  3. Hi Dessa!
    I love your Work and Blog so "You Have Been Tagged". LOL :-)
    Check my blog to see more!!!

  4. Good evening! I really like your art and I want to share with you a reward! Visit my blog!

  5. I'm so jealous! I'm looking for a new camera, and the Canon Rebel is awesome. You have a very nice hubby!

  6. Marcie,
    Thank you so much for Tagging me...lol Thank you for the nice compliments, they are much appreciated.
    I am off now to tag six bloggers. (This is fun!!)
    Thanks again,
    Dessa Rae

  7. niknik,
    Thank you for the nice compliment...I really appreciate the Butterfly award. I am honored.
    Take care,
    Dessa Rae

  8. SpiritMama,
    Thank you so much for the nice comments. I feel very lucky to have a great hubby. Good luck with your search for a new camera. You can't go wrong with a Canon.
    Take care,
    Dessa Rae


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