Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Design disaster

This is one of my first Photo face designs.
As you can see the body design
was a total disaster. I never sent her to eBay,
she was given as a gift.

The face design was O.K. but the arms ....oh my!

Designing patterns does not come easy for me ....lol. Sometimes it takes me weeks to come up with a design that I approve of.

I have lots of patterns in the designing stage. One is almost ready to go. I'll post more when I am farther along.


  1. Is this the doll you considered a "disaster?" I think she's beautiful, especially her hair :)

  2. Lol...yep, she is the disaster! She just didn't turn out the way I had her pictured in my mind's eye. Thanks for the nice comments!!

  3. She is sweet and beautiful!

  4. Ah, I think she is really cute! It's funny how we see our own work and others' see it totally different.

  5. Joanna, Thank you so much for your nice compliments!!

  6. Hi Sue, Thank you so much!! I agree about how we see our own work. I am my own worst critic. I tend to be somewhat of a perfectionist and it drives me crazy.

  7. I think she is wonderful just the way she is,grin .... I like the details of her freckled skin ~sweet!


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