Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Where it all began

I began making dolls 30 years ago. I started out making cloth dolls. Unfortunately,
I didn't take a lot of pictures of my first dolls, and those few pictures are put away all I have are pictures of my latest designs.

I remember making a lot of Mop dolls, and primitive dolls. My favorite were the baby dolls. It took me years of making Miss Martha dolls when I decided I wanted to make my own patterns. I have boxes and boxes of patterns that I have designed. I made so many cloth dolls that I think I got burned out. That's when I decided to try sculpting.

The first doll pictured above is "Marzipan", a pattern I designed that uses a photograph
transferred onto the cloth face. She is about 21 inches and stuffed with high loft fiberfill. I made the wig. She has been sold.

The last doll pictured is "Margaret". Same pattern,
different face.

So there you have it.... The 30 year history of my doll making, through my last few posts.


  1. Hi D;
    I really love your hand sculpted OOAK in the pink and white outfit.:)

  2. They are wonderful Dessa Rae and so much fun to see where you started and where you ended up. Thank you for sharing your journey!

  3. Love your blog! It's beautiful. I am now a follower. Hope you will come visit me and become a follower. Great idea. Susie Westiemom from BB forum.

  4. Joanna,
    Thank you so much for your wonderful comments!!:)

  5. Dessa, so sweet these little dolls! Fun to see where you started and how you came into sculpting from there. Seems we all have some connection to cloth dolls. I still love them!!! Thanks for sharing! ;-)

  6. They are all gorgeous! My fav is the one in pink and white at the bottom she sure is a darling

  7. Marcie,
    Thank you for your nice comments, I really do appreciate them.

  8. Hi Andie,
    Thank you so much for your kind compliments. They are much appreciated.


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