Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wordless Wednesday....

My sweet little Harvey is not very happy in his new hat.


  1. So, that is YOUR cat in that hat? The cat in the hat? I love it! :)

  2. Oh he is adorable - I love cats. Not sure any of mine would be chuffed wearing a hat either!! :O) I know one would chew it up! she destroyed a whole roll of toilet paper this morning - what a mess she made!!LOL
    PS - I can't stop listening to that bloomin video now!! :O)

  3. oh my, what a great picture! I KNOW that our cat would never tolerate a hat, no matter how spiffy it was!

  4. oh how cute is Harvey! Such a good boy for sitting there calmly.
    Thanks for tagging me Dessa..I have no idea what to do lol you may have to show this newbie.
    Loving your dolls hun! Keep up the good work.

  5. OMG how precious! Did you make that adorable hat?

  6. LOL....What a smart looking fellow he is! Cute, Cute, CUTE!!!! ;-)

  7. Thank you Shannon, Harvey IS my cat in the

    Thank you Abi, Cats are rather messy sometimes. He is very sneaky too. One time I caught him trying to sneak a sculpt down stairs. I don't know what fate the sculpt would have had to endure if I had not caught

    Thanks Sue, Harvey has been wearing all sorts of clothing since he was a small

    Hi Mina, Thank you... I left a comment on your blog on how to retrieve your award.

    Hi Joanna, Thank you, I didn't make the hat. I bought it at Michaels, it was meant for a teddy bear.

    Marcie, He is a smart fellow, he can open doors and when I tell him to go get in his room he goes downstairs grumbling the whole

  8. awwww he is so cute in his little hat, he sounds like a mischievous little fellow, glad you got your sculpt off him in time

  9. How cute does he look, bless him! :o)

  10. Thank you all so much for your great comments!!

    Harvey says...Thanks to you all!!!

  11. I'm in love with Harvey.......I'm in love with

    Oooh he's yummy!


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