Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Boneyard....

How many of us have a stash of sculpted pieces and parts lying around here and there waiting for their turn to be created into something beautiful. I am a perfectionist, and if there is something wrong with what I perceive as perfection, then off to the boneyard that particular piece goes. I have so many more than pictured but didn't want to bore

I am left with a dilemma...I can't use them, but I can't force myself to throw them away. So
the stash gets bigger and bigger. Maybe someday I will do a piece with all the sculpted parts
incorporated into one big sculpt. I'll have to think about that one....


  1. You could make a wreath and do a giveaway with it....LOL.....


  2. Sonia, That's a great idea!! I have been thinking about doing a giveaway too!! Thanks for the idea!!

  3. It's actually very Halloween-ish and appropriate for this time of year I think! :)

  4. Dessa, I am so glad there is someone else with the same dilemma. LOL I even have a stash of lips that I have kept that I may use in something someday! LOL... Now that is "WEIRD" but what can I's my mind!!! ;-D

  5. Marcie, I have lips, fingers, ears, and eyeballs...CREEPY!!!

  6. Shannon, you are right, there is nothing like little creepy body parts lying

  7. parts would be good for a wreath of any sort - excellent idea! Holiday themes (santa hat, elf shoes, etc) for the holidays, for all those lips you could do a Valentine's day wreath (smootchies), and so much more. Wow, wish I had some body parts laying around! LOL

  8. Sabriam, Thanks so much for the cute ideas!!
    We have body parts for every

  9. I have a bone yard for sure! My problem is I lose interest or something just doesn't go right. I see some beauties in your bone yard! I hope you do create something out of them eventually!


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