Thursday, October 29, 2009

Merry Halloween??????

I found this vintage graphic, and I found it odd that it says MERRY Halloween.....
Who says Merry Halloween? My Husband just told me he heard it called Merry Halloween once
in the early sixties. Do any of you say Merry Halloween?


  1. I did not come to know about halloween until I came to US. I don't celebrate so I don't know much about it.... I love the word *merry* and *gay* to bad people don't say anymore and when they do they mean somethind else.

  2. Patricia, how long have you been in the USA? I agree, there are so many words that I could say in the sixties that I wouldn't dare say today.
    Funny how the language changes. Thanks for the compliment!!

  3. I've never heard "Merry Halloween", however have seen it on some old
    vintage cards. Sounds strange doesn't it?

  4. It does sound strange...
    I think I like Happy Halloween better lol!

  5. It's funny - I hadn't really heard of 'happy halloween' until I moved to America let alone 'merry halloween'! LOL. How are you Dessa Rae?

  6. Ohhh... I love your image Dessa! I love vintage images and postcards. The graphics were amazing back then. I love the idea of a Merry Halloween! Here is wishing you a Very Merry Halloween!!! ;-)

  7. Hi Abi, That is funny!! Where did you move from? I am doing well, just getting ready for the onslaught of birthdays we have in November.
    5 birthdays over the course of a week and a half.
    Needles to say November is a very happy busy!

  8. Hi Marcie,
    Thanks, I love old images too. Isn't it amazing how one can tell the difference between a modern and a vintage image...Hope you had a very Merry Halloween!!lol

  9. Me again! I moved from England just over a year and a half ago - Husband = US Airforce!
    Glad you are doing ok. Thank you for your kind words re Jakey - I really appreciate it :O) Hope you have a lovely weekend. Any more BMX Videos? I enjoyed the last one!

  10. Hi Abi,
    Oh you are so lucky!! I wanted to live in Liverpool so bad when I was a teenager...the Beatles you
    My daughter goes from one extreme sport to another, now she's into extreme inline skating.
    She may make another video of her skating.
    I will have to tell her to make another BMX Video!!


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