Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Angry...Angry Chloe


  1. hee.....Chloe looks like she isn't too sure about the hat - the cape, maybe, but the hat? No

  2. LOL, I know!! Chloe is such a patient kitty but her face says it

  3. How cute! Love it! Did you make her outfit? LOL ;-D

  4. Hi Marcie,
    Thanks!! No I didn't make her outfit, I think I got it at Michaels. It's really a bear costume. We dress her up for every

  5. dear Dessa~ darling cat and owner!*grin*
    thank you for visiting me on my new blog Dessa. I want to tell you that when I first started to blog, I felt as if I *need* to keep posting otherwise no one woudl come back. Time passed and I realized that I had a wrong attitude about blogging . I fell today that I want to make my blogs as *diary* to me and my family. I am not worry if people will come if i only post when I am able anymore and i can tell you that I really enjoy bloging now!
    Some of my blogs does not have post often and because is all about my work and (woolytales is about my farm life) I am not able to do all the work at the same time , like the marionettes. The heads are all done and the backdrops too but I am waiting for kate to finish the wooden bodies so I can spend some time with them and hopefully finish it. Right now I can't post there until i am ready and I won't do anything there until the time comes. yes, i know people may give up but again, the only thing I can do is what i can do and I also want to register my work and blogging is great mostly because is FREE!*smiles*
    I am only speaking for me Dessa, I am sure you stopped not because of same reason. Warm hug to you, Smiles~

  6. Hi Patricia, thank you so much for your comments.
    It made me feel so much better about my blogging, and reasons I blog. I enjoy your blogs so much!!

  7. Remember when Chloe was that tiny!! Now she's a big ole fat


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