Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tuesday tip of the day

When using store bought make up to blush your clay sculpt, apply lightly in layers to achieve the color you want.

Then with a stiff brush lightly pounce the color into the wet clay.
(I only use polymer clays for this, I don't know how it works with other kinds of clay.)

Then use a soft conditioned paint brush to smooth the clay, or leave it for a textured look.

When baked the makeup will lose some of it's original color but will be baked into the clay and is permanent.


  1. I use this method on my dolls too. I love it! Thank you for sharing. ;-)

  2. Hi Marcie,
    A long time ago I was talking with Jack Johnston and he suggested powdered China Paints, but they have lead in them and I didn't want my dolls to be toxic...lol. So I tried the make-up technique and I have stuck with it ever since.


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