Sunday, January 3, 2010

Please meet Henrietta!! She is a OOAK hand-sculpted Rabbit. She is 2" tall, with Semi-precious stone bead eyes. She has Mulberry paper wings with glass glitter.
I just listed her tonight and she is going to be on eBay for 7 days.
So if you get a chance take a peek, here is her listing: Henrietta's listing


  1. Love love love this baby! So cute Dessa - I just want to give that bunny a little squeeze! :)

    xoxo Jess

  2. Will you look at that...Henrietta just jumped into my heart...just lovely D.R. I am thinking you could begin a whole collection in miniatures for our dolls...mmmmm
    blesings madame samm

  3. Awww Dessa she is beautiful...

  4. Oh Dessa, completely loveable, and just adorable. The eyes say it all! I remember the very first time I ever saw little Brigitte on ebay, her eyes just pulled you in, and I was in love with your dolls from there on! Perfect sweetness! Hugs, Christel

  5. Dessa, she is just SO adorable! Look at that face! ♥♥♥

  6. Ohh...this little rabbit is so sweet!!
    And your blog is very beautiful.

    Love Marijkexx

  7. LOVE her! What a sweet little pose and I love her wings. Your creations are always so full of personality and fantastic charm. Great job, I absolutely love her!

  8. That face is so dang cute!! So precious!! You are amazing. I hope your enjoying your new year creating. I'm ready for a warm up ;)

  9. awwww... she is so cute! And so tiny! Good luck with your auction!

  10. Thank you all for the nice comments, they are much appreciated!!!

    Jess, thank you, and yes even though she is made of clay she is very

    Madame Samm, thank you, for your interest in my little Henrietta.

    Thank you Sonia!!

    Christel, Thank you for your sweet comments. I think Brigitte was my favorite too!!

    So Dark So Cute, thank you for your nice compliment!!

    Sue, Thanks so much!!

    Marijkexx, Thank you for your wonderful comments!!

    Mary...sweet Mary, thank you for your support and friendship. Your comments are always much loved and appreciated.

    Denni, Thanks for commenting, I am enjoying the cold weather but sometimes I wish for spring.

    Joanna, Thanks for always being there, to support all of us. Your kind words inspire me!!

  11. Hi Dessa! This little bunny is just adorable. Your bunnies are the sweetest things ever! Best wishes on your auction. ;-)

  12. Oh she is delightful! good luck with the auction, and a happy new year to you! hope it's a good one :O)

  13. Dessa Rae- Henrietta is just TOO ADORABLE! I love her eyes. Very compelling. You are one gifted artist.


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