Monday, October 4, 2010

Faces ! Faces! Faces!

I can't stop drawing
I won't bore you with the all the artwork, just the ones that have

If you are  wondering why the eyes are black, that's just my style.
I draw all my faces with black eyes, kind of like a black and white photo
with just a little color.  I hope it translates well into a doll.

I have started drawing the faces a little smaller because when I make the head
it distorts the facial features.  The face on the stuffed head looks nothing like the face I drew
on the flat cloth.

I have tried drawing the face after it is stuffed, but it just hasn't worked for me.  So I guess
I'll stay with what

For me drawing the face freehand is so much more fulfilling than a photo face doll,
like the ones I created before.  I don't know why I didn't try this long ago...
I guess the creative process is a slow progression for me.


  1. first you only make little aceo faces and now make real touchable dolls of them! Wonderful! They gonna sell for sure!

  2. Wow I've never seen eyes drawn like that before, beautiful!!! And I love the doll too, you really do have so much talent! :0)

  3. So Dark So Cute...Thank you so much for your wonderful comments!!

  4. Nicola, Thank you so much for stopping by!! I appreciate the compliments.

  5. Don't stop drawing faces.. Bore us? I think NOT!! OH Dessa Rae, they came out just ADORABLE!! Beautiful workmanship!
    That't what happened with mine. It does change the shape of the features after you fill. So the second time I stuffed the head then painted. I found this to be a bit easier for me. But YOURS is just beautiful! You must have the special touch. I love the bonnet.
    Keep going please.. I would love to see them all.
    Bless you dear friend

  6. Dear Penny,
    Thank you so much! Your encouragement fills my heart!! Maybe I will again try drawing the face after the head is stuffed. It just seems so unnatural to me for some reason. It's funny you like the It is an experiment in crochet that was a
    Thanks again for stopping by.

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  8. Eek, I wrote a comment and tried to rewrite it for punctuation. Okay, trying again. LOVE LOVE LOVE the baby!!! She is gorgeous.
    I think maybe trying the drawing with the fabric stretched in an embroidery hoop for an example might help? I draw my faces onto stuffed heads so not sure. I did a printable face pattern but the first several did come out distorted until I kept measuring and adjusting. You are a maverick and amazing!!! I love the your eyes style. I am neglecting my life obsessed with a doll pattern at the moment too. Hope you got caught up on the cleaning and a nice rest. Hugs, Kim

  9. Is there anything you can't do? Seriously.


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