Tuesday, October 19, 2010

M. Graham Walnut Oil Non -Toxic Oil Paints

 I have found these wonderful M. Graham non-toxic oils paints.  They are made with a natural Walnut Oil.  Check out his site for more detailed information. 

I finally broke down and bought some to try.  I have to tell you that I love them for Reborning.  I have been using them for the base coat.  They actually tint the vinyl and leave very little paint behind, and therefore they dry rather quickly.  They soak in and become a part of the vinyl.

The cure time is still 4 to 6 weeks, but can be handled the day after painting.  No oven is needed and there is absolutely no fumes or smell.  These paints cure by oxidation, not evaporation.

To make them dry faster I use a walnut oil alkyd which is also non-toxic.

I know Oils are not the thing to do now days but the beauty, and translucency of the finish is well worth the wait.

These paints are made in the fashion that the old masters did in the Renaissance era.  Oils have been tried and tested  through the ages, so I know these paints will last for many generations.

These paints are rather pricey, so great care must be taken to mix them carefully and use only the amount needed.

The pics were taken the day after the application of the base coat.


  1. Hi Dessa Rae
    I can't believe it. I just wrote you this lonnnng comment and I must have clicked something and lost it.. Ekkk!

    Anyway, I am not familiar with the walnut oils.. I started out with oils (Grumbacher) This was my first medium.. I love it, but after 30 years my lungs just won't take the turps anymore.. I am happy to hear that this works for your reborn dolls. It is always great when we can find some medium that works well that we really like.
    I hope you will share photos when you are finished. I would just love to see.
    Thank you so much for visiting.. Your comments always warm my heart.
    Have a great week.
    Let's see if I can get this one to post.

  2. These give a very nature finish to the vinyl
    so are worth the price I would say!



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