Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Reborn Christmas commission Babies

These are the babies I have been working on, and I can finally show you.

The first picture is the doll kit Ryan, the second is Dumplin and the third is the Coplin kit,
all are from Bountiful Baby.

They are created using Artist Pigment Inks.  This is a technique that I have
been working on perfecting for nearly a year.  Artist Pigment Inks are not new, and many artists use them.
I have found what works best for me and the techniques are my own.  The inks are very permanent and the test dolls I have from a year ago have not faded and are just as vibrant as the dolls I create today.


  1. Dessa, they are adorable. I really like the natural effect that the pigment inks give and I admire your perseverance in sticking with developing your own technique!

    Wishing you a very Happy New Year!


  2. They are so cute!! It makes me want to have another baby!! ;) I'll have to get one of these cute babies of yours one day. This storm we got didn't bring much snow but wow it's cold!! Stay warm. I'm ready for spring!!

  3. Dear Dessa Rae
    I guess my comment got eaten up...
    I have been waiting to see your Reborns, and it was worth the wait! They are simply beautiful babies!
    Wishing you a healthy and blessed New Year.

  4. Hi Dessa! These little babies are absolutely adorable! I can't believe how "Real Looking" they are.
    What a wonderful technique you have created...they are so delicate and sweet...it works perfectly! Happy New Year too...by the way! ;-)

  5. That first one looks like Devree! They all look like their real-life owners! Great job once again!!! :D


  6. Hi there Dessa
    I hope you are well. I have missed you and your beautiful babies! I hope your quietness is due to creating.. I will keep you in my thoughts.

  7. Your miniatures are so great I have become one of your followers. I also make miniatures. Please visit my blog. http://weelittlewest.blogspot.com/

  8. lovely dolls! always wanted to make a reborn myself but still have no time for serious work )))


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