Sunday, February 6, 2011

"The Golden Child" a doll with a story....

I have always written stories for my Faeries and miniatures, but not for my Reborns till now.
A long time ago I saw a documentary about a little girl who was taken from her family
and was considered to be some sort of sacred being in whom the entire region worshiped her.
It was on t.v. a long time ago and I can't remember all of the details, all I can remember
is how sad her face was as she looked out of the window where she was being kept. 
I changed the age of the girl but the rest of the story is true as far as I can remember.

I have done this same story for one of my sculpts, so I thought I would try it for a Reborn.

I even designed the auction template to match the story line.

So if you get a chance please take a peek and tell me what you think!!

To view my auction, click on the link below, or click on the picture in the upper right
side of my blog page.

Golden Child on eBay


  1. She is just beautiful DessaRae! You have done such a great job here! I can almost see her breathe! I am going to her auction now! xoxox Christel

  2. She is so beautiful! I bet she's going to a nice home very soon :-)

  3. I did put some bids in for her, but unfortunately, I am a starving artist. I know she will soar, and I am happy for you, you deserve it! xoxo Christel

  4. Well now Dessa... this take my breath away!
    She is amazing.. Beautiful workmanship my dear friend. I am going to pop over to her auction.

    Oh! Thank you for coming over to meet Maurice. I am so happy he gave you a smile.

  5. Goodmorning Dessa Rae
    What a sweet surprise it was to have you visit.. I am so happy you enjoyed my Feathered Fantasy painting.. Funny you know, how someone can paint something and have it remind another of something so special.. I hope it brought back fond memories of Buddy.. Thank you so much for your kind words..
    Enjoy your Sunday
    Bless you my friend

  6. Hi Dessa Rae
    Thought I would pop in and wish you a beautiful weekend.. I hope all is well with you. Looking forward to seeing one of your beautiful dolls.

  7. Dear Dessa Rae
    How sweet of you to visit and leave such a beautiful note! Thank you so much.. The bunnies are visiting my garden now, so this inspired the painting. I just love to watch them.
    I am on pins and needles waiting to see a new piece from your masterful hands.
    Enjoy your weekend my friend

  8. Oh Dessa...she is a sight to behold! She looks so real...I can't believe it. What a touch you have with these reborns. Her tiny little piggies are so sweet and I love her little crown. Glorious little doll!!! ;-)

  9. sweet! needs a big hug, i think! :)


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