Monday, June 6, 2011


This is my newest Reborn Meg...I just finished her for a doll show that I attended.   She has painted hair and spit bubbles. She was so much fun to create...


  1. OMG Dessa Rae, she looks like shes breathing! Beautiful baby girl! WOW I am amazed..I have NO clue what it takes to do reborning, I would love to you have any great tuts I could look at to get an idea of how it's done? She's precious!!! XOXO Christel

  2. Oooh, she's beautiful! And look at these spitbubbles! makes her even much more alive!
    xoxo Donna

  3. Thank you so much Christel and Donna..,thanks for stopping by!

  4. Dear Dessa,
    I am trying for the first time to sign off then sign in to leave a comment and your blog was the first for me to try.
    this child is amazing. I am always in awe with reborn artists.... the reality of the baby looks is just amazing! great Job Dessa!!!!*grin*

  5. How in the WORLD did I miss this post!!!!!
    Ohhhhhh, Dessa Rae... She is truly a living doll... I just want to pick her up and give her a BIG HUG... I am so impressed by the skills required to create a reborn... Amazing!
    Bravo dear friend..
    Blessings to you this fine day.

  6. Absolutely darling! Your work is wonderful!

  7. OH MY dear..she is beautiful...the wee could we not be overwhelmed at the site..she is beautiful..your artistic flair and heart that you pour into your creations moves me...missed you...been a tad busy in quilting...miss dolls at times...if I had more time to think about it lol...blessings...


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