Thursday, August 11, 2011

• Sneak Peek • New Line of Bundle Babies

Hi everybody!!

This is my new line of Bundle Babies that I have been working on for a while...seems like
life just gets in the way
I just love these babies because they are so versatile.
The average size of my babies will be around 4 inches, and always very posable.

This is 4" Adele and she will be available on eBay this evening.  I still haven't decided
how long her auction will be.  Sometimes I think 7 days is too long and people lose interest.
So I will have to decide when the time comes.

Well wish her luck and thanks for stopping by!!


    I can't stand it! What a group of ADORABLE babies!!! You just amaze me... I would LOVE to have ALL of them... What exquisite workmanship...
    Yes, you know I feel 7 days is too long, 3 days is not long enough.. I usually go with a 5 day auction.. but these little ones will be picked up RIGHT AWAY I am sure of it..
    They are so very life like..
    Wishing you the very best with the auction.
    Big hug and blessings,

  2. How funny... We must have been commenting at the same time... Thank you for your kind words about Honey Bear!

  3. What a precious bundle of baby! The tiny face is so realistic, and the posability brings them even more to life. (I have been working on some little moveable gnomes as well, and really cannot stop playing with them.)
    I am crazy about your little playful ones!
    love, Rose


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