Sunday, January 8, 2012

My new Furbaby

Hi, I am so excited to show off my new little furbaby. 
She is 12 weeks old, and her name is Scat.

I have her in my dolly room til she is
out of quarantine.  I adopted her from an adoption
event held at a local pet store. 

This was her last time out from the shelter till
she was to be put down, in about 3 weeks. 
She has the regular shelter maladies...
ear mites...probably worms...and a little runny eye,
but all of these things can be taken care of.

She is so sweet and she loves the baby crib....normally
my animals aren't allowed in or around the baby room,
but I made an exception for her, at least till we socialize
her with my other cat...who is not all that happy with
me right

When I left the store I was happy and yet
depressed  at the same time...
I wish I could save all the animals....


  1. Happy New year Dessa Rae
    She is adorable, and she will be loved. I know, you are like me, you would want to save them all... But... You have saved a little life that will bring you much love.
    Wishing you a beautiful week.
    Blessings my friend

  2. Thank you so much Penny...yes she is loved already!!

  3. Oh, she is a sweetie and perfectly beautiful. I'm sure your other furbabies will forgive you.

  4. What a sweet little kitten and she looks so comfortable in her little area...settled right in! Your other furry family members will get used to her (probably after a couple of days of growling and hissing LOL)

  5. You are so kind Dessa Rae.. Thank you for your sweet words about Bebe! I can't tell you how much I enjoyed creating this one. She was a pure joy..
    Sending a big hug your way

  6. Oh...Dessa...she looks so sweet all cuddled up in the crib. Are you sure the crib isn't for her? LOL It is so fun to play with our pets. I have been having a blast with my new puppy I got for Christmas. Hard to get anything done. Just want to "Smooch" her all the time! Have fun enjoying your little sweet ball of fur! ;-)

  7. How is that fur baby doing Dessa? She is so darn cute!
    Thank you so much for wandering over to see Grandpa rabbit... He DOES look old. teee.. So happy you enjoyed viewing.
    Wishing you a beautiful week.

  8. Dear Dessa Rae
    I hhope this note finds you well.. I have missed seeing what you are creating.
    I am having a wee mouse giveaway, ends April 9th.
    Would love to have you come meet her.
    Love and blessings,

  9. Hi Dessa Rae
    Oh how I love the photo of your baby at the top.. Dessa, is that a live baby or is that one of yours?
    And did you make this bear also? Your talents are just endless..
    Thank you for coming over to enter the giveaway and congratulations on the two upcoming grand babies!
    What a wonder to look forward to.

  10. Hope that you had a lovely Christmas and New Year Dessa! Love your furbaby! I know that she's all settled in and at home with you! Hugs, Judie

  11. You are so sweet Dessa Rae. Thank you so much for visiting and your kind words about Coco.. I am so happy you enjoyed her..
    Wishing you a wonderful Sunday.


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