Monday, April 23, 2012

Cheap Reborns?

There is a discussion going on at Doll-Fan Reborn 
group about people wanting cheap Reborns. 

I guess I take exception to this use of the word cheap.  
Miriam-Webster's definition of the word cheap is minimum expense.  
I think some people equate the word cheap with inferior.  
There are cheap Reborn dolls that are not inferior and 
there are expensive dolls that are inferior.

I guess why I am writing all of this is I remember 
the first time I set eyes on a Reborn doll.
I was surfing the net and I kept coming across 
Reborn dolls, and most of them were on eBay.
I just couldn't stop looking, searching, and 
drooling over these beautiful babies.

I remember how badly I wanted one of these dolls, 
but they were way out of my price range. 
Don't get me wrong, I would never stoop to asking an 
Artist for a free reborn (that's another story).

I can understand the desire for cheap affordable, reduced, 
low cost,  Reborns, because I have been there.
I now have been making these beautiful dolls since 2003. 
I make Reborns out of a desire to create the 
most realistic babies that I can, and yet I also want to sell 
them at a very reasonable price so that 
people who truly desire a Reborn can purchase one without 
going in debt.

But, because I sell them cheap, does not mean they are inferior...exactly the opposite!
I maybe don't sell my babies with the beautiful layettes that come with some dolls, and I paint the hair now,
(mainly because of an injury to my arm and carpel tunnel), I make my own Glass like, low dome eyes that are second to none in comparison to the high end eyes.  All of my babies are made to exacting standards.
I don't skimp when it comes to weighting, stuffing materials, body material...etc.

I know I will never recoup the money for hours and hours put into creating a Reborn, but the love of creating them, and wanting as many people like me who want one, over shadows that fact.

I give away free Reborns to nursing homes, and hospitals 
for cuddle therapy, and consider it a labor of love. 

So there you have it in a nutshell.  The next time 
you hear the words cheap Reborns, don't always 
assume they are inferior...just made with love!!


  1. Dear Dessa Rae
    I too, take exception to the use of the word cheap, and I believe there are many out there that assume that cheap means inferior.. I would rather people say affordable.. As far as your dolls are concerned, ~exquisite ~ is the only word that has ever come to my mind.. The love that you put into ALL your dolls is very clear...
    I have never attempted a reborn and can only imagine the amount of work that goes into creating one. I have read a little about the process in the past years, and all I can say is ~intense ~ work.. All of your dolls are so beautiful Dessa Rae..
    Thank you so much for your visit and sweet note about my lovebird Willow.. I am really enjoying needlefelting, but the past few days the mice have been whispering to me, so this is what I am dong...
    Wishing you a wonderful week my friend.
    Hope to see a new doll soon.

  2. I agree with all you say darl,Your work is spectacular and never ever inferior.
    I sculpt dolls myself and get very little for them. That matters not a jot.
    As long as I can keep buying clay, I am happy happy happy.
    One day I will sculpt something I feel I have achieved what I set out to do, alas that day is not yet :(
    Never mind tomorrow is another day haha!
    xxx Rita.

  3. I'm right here with you all! I sculpt dolls as well, and although a huge price for one would be great, the selling price does not by any means keep me creating them, it's the love of seeing a tiny face come to life within your hands. I sell my dolls at very reasonable prices, and am always happy to aquire new collectors. The love, and smiles they bring mean more than the money! As long as I can afford to buy the supplies, and pay the ridiculous ebay fees, without it becoming a burden on my families financial situation, I will continue to make dolls. It feeds my soul,I need the doll making as much as the clay-dolls need the artist! Best of luck to you always DessaRae, your dolls are gorgeous, and always SO amazingly lifelike! I have vowed to someday own one, and maybe even try my hand at reborning. It does look so rewarding! xoxo Christel

  4. I love your reborns and it's obvious to anyone who sees one the love you have for creating lifelike and beautiful dolls. It is evident in all of your work. Dessa Rae, your dolls and the word cheap should never be written or said in the same sentence.

  5. Thank you dear friend for coming over and leaving such a lovely note. You are always there to encourage me.. It means alot.
    Wishing you a beautiful week ahead.

  6. Hi Dessa Rae
    Oh I am so happy you enjoyed the baby and coach.. Yes, many, many hours went into it. The fact that you mentioned the time involved touches me... As I am sure you know, alot of the time most do not realized how much time goes into a creation... Thank you for that Dessa.
    I cannot even imagine how many hours, days or weeks goes into your reborn dolls, as I have never attempted one... I do know that alot of work is involved... I can't wait to see one of your new creations.
    Your visits are always such a treat for me.

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  8. Thank you for posting this. I would like one of the reborn dolls. I am a 24 year old who just went under a partial hysterectomy. If I could have one, my life would be complete.


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