Friday, May 25, 2012

Flash from the past

This is me from 1983, taken from my local newspaper.  I had been making dolls for 6 years and loving every minute of it.  My daughter Mary loved it too, because she got to keep the experiments, boo boo babies and everything in  between.  This particular doll was my own pattern. 

I stopped making cloth dolls when I was diagnosed with a severe form of eczema on my fingertips, probably from working with the fabric for so many years. 

Lucky for me I found Polymer clay, and was able to start learning to sculpt. 

I still love to make cloth dolls, but I still have the eczema and it flares up when I have been working with the fabric for too long.

This is the only picture I have of this doll.   I lost all of my pictures in a computer crash a long time ago.  I wish so much we would have had digital cameras way back then.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday weekend.


  1. Oh my, Dessa Rae...I feel like such a novice next to your vast experience. Wow, what a grand career!! Although I am sorry to hear about your eczema, I am so happy polymer clay enabled you to continue to share your marvelous art with us all. Thank you for sharing a bit of your unique dollmaking history! love, Rose

  2. Oh my is right Dessa Rae.... Coming over to thank you for your encouraging words about my little sketch when I know what a talent you have with pencil in hand.. I am truly humbled.. AND see this beautiful cloth doll made so very long ago.. I too, am so happy you were able to express your love for doll making with polymer clay and share your beautiful works of art... You have truly had a career in doll making... Now I would not have thought cloth would have caused the eczema, I am so sorry about that, but you know there was a reason and it opened another door for you in doll making, and how I love your dolls Dessa Rae.

    My sketch... This is very strange that this one now reminds you of your niece... I am so happy you enjoyed.

    I will be home relaxing this weekend, a little under the weather, but ok.
    Wishing you a happy and safe weekend Dessa Rae.
    love, Penny

  3. dear dessa, i am like the above, sorry to hear about your eczema... have you ever tried to rub emu oil 2 to 3 times a day? It will not cure but will help you ,grin.
    i am grateful to know that you had a second option in which you already know i am so fond of your babies!Have always loved the sweet faces that you sculpt.
    sending you my love,

  4. DESSA RAE!!!!!

    I am so thrilled to make your acquaintance as I often see your comments on my darling friends' blogs such as TITA up above here and Penny and Christel!!! YOU ARE SO TALENTED MY DEAR!

    I want to thank you so much for coming to visit me, leaving me a comment. Please know that you are so welcomed to participate in the Paris Link Party! Here is what you would do:

    ON FRIDAY JUNE 8, just post SOMETHING inspirational about PARIS. You can post on ANYTHING such as art, poetry, cuisine, PHOTOGRAPHY, a PARIS-inspired DOLL if you wish. NO GIVEAWAYS are required, but only if you want! You would keep your post up for a week to give everyone a chance to visit others. Then you would visit the other links via my post. You just post, I provide the links.

    Please come by to confirm you will do this and then I will add your name to the list. So again, I PROVIDE THE LINKS, you just post and visit the others. GOAL? To meet new bloggers.

    Enjoy! Anita

  5. Oh Dessa Rae
    When I read your comment about my rendition of Liz I was just taken back.. You are so very talented with the pencil I am truly honored to receive such a wonderful comment. You know, most of my portrait drawings are just from my imagination because I find it difficult to capture a likeness.. Although I used to draw baby portraits and was able to achieve a small likeness. This is the first time I have attempted to draw the stars.. I started drawing last week and I am still drawing.. teeeheee..
    Thank you so much!
    I see you have met dear Anita. I hope to see you at the Paris party... It should be great fun.. Bebe is getting ready also.
    Bless you dear friend

  6. DESSA RAE! Oh I see that you also know my BELOVED and WONDERFUL FRIEND and Blogsister, PENNY!

    I am late in responding to you lovely email, but here I am, thrilled to know that you will be joining us at the Paris Party!!!! I will add you to the list and be ready to post on June 8 and to keep up your post for a week. Visit the other participants and ENJOY meeting new friends and being inspired!

    Many hugs and thanks! Anita

  7. Thank you all for your wonderful comments!!

  8. Goodmorning Dessa Rae,
    You are so kind to come over again.. Are you getting tired?
    haaa.. Thank you so much.. Her eyes, you know I can still remember when I painted her I thought, oh my! to stark, but could not change it. Copic markers, I have used markers before but had not heard of Copic markers.. Now I must make a trip the the art store to check this out..
    I am so happy you are coming to the Paris Party.
    See you there and thank you so much!

  9. Thank you Dessa Rae... I most enjoy doing the eyes and hair, and always, always have trouble with noses.. Alot of rework.
    Have a beautiful Sunday


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