Friday, May 11, 2012

Pinterest Project

 It hasn't been that long ago that I discovered  Pinterest.  I have to say that I love all the neat ideas I get from browsing.  Since I will have two new Grand babies within 3 months of each other, I decided to make 2 diaper cakes.  The other one I am still working on and will post later.
This blue diaper cake went to my newest Grandson Zander Allen.  He was born exactly one month ago.
He was two days old here and already smiling...I guess he was just happy to be here.  The next cake I will be making is going to be pink, because we will be getting a little girl in July.
Grand babies are so much fun...I have my two year old sleeping right here beside me (we are having a sleep over tonight).  Well I am off to Pinterest again to get some new ideas for my upcoming baby projects... 


  1. Is that a face to LOVE or what! Oh Dessa Rae, he is simply adorable.. Yes, it looks as if he is truly happy to be here.
    What a GREAT idea this baby gift is! Congratulations on your new grandbaby and one on the way... There is nothing better..
    Wanted to wish you a Happy Mothers Day my friend.

  2. Hello Dessa Rae,

    Zander Allen is such a beautiful baby boy!
    Congratulations to you and his parents on the joyful arrival of such a sweet Blessing. WHAT a smile!

    Here in England, I don't think we do diaper cakes. Is this your own idea or poular where you come from? We have recently adopted 'Baby Showers' from the USA., perhaps this will catch on too. A lovely gift.


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