Friday, June 15, 2012

Pay it Forward

We have a new recipient of Little Francoise...hi-d of hi-d's Place has generously offered to pay her forward and give Francoise to Anita of Castles Crowns and Cottages

So CONGRATULATIONS the new winner of Francoise is Anita

This is Heidi's email that so generously paid Francoise forward.

Subject: RE: [hi-d's place] New comment on Paris: Simply Irresistible Link Party - Café Franç....
Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2012 07:35:32 -0700
Hello Dessa Rae,

Wow!!! I won!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! You are so talented at what you do. I had so much fun participating in this fun Paris Party...I STILL haven’t made my rounds to everyone. Wasn’t it a blast?

I have a thought...I would LOVE for the recipient of this pretty doll to be the lovely Anita instead of me. Would that be possible? She sure organized a fun party for all of us! Could you please send it to her? Let me know...

Thanks so much!


  1. That is such a generous gesture from Heidi. She's so sweet. Congratulations to Anita, definitely well-deserved.

    And now that you have given, make room to receive, because you, my dear, are the winner of the "Little Black Dress" tags. ;) I was delighted when your name came up.

    When you have the time, simply stop by the shop and click on email (under header or sidebar) to forward your mailing info.
    Thank you again, love.

  2. Ooooo we have so many winners today! DESSA RAE MY DEAR, I would be GLAD TO ACCEPT la petite Françoise, bien sûr! Elle est si jolie et un coquette!! I will email you my addy and thank you for the random generator info!!! Oh dear, this is fun!

    Many thanks for the kindness and YOU WON MARCIA'S FAB TAGS! She does amazing work....Anita

  3. AND AS I SEE FRANÇOISE AGAIN, she looks like ME when I had long hair!!! She will be perfect for my collections my dear. BISOUS! Anita

    THANK YOU HEIDI!!!!!! Anita

  4. Yippee...I'm glad that you won Marcia's giveaway, Dessa Rae. And I have to agree with Anita...Francoise looks so much like Anita, herself! I am happy she gets to be the deserving recipient! :)

    Happy Friday, all! :)

    Heidi (hi-d)

  5. Marcia, Omg!! I can't believe I won!! I never win anything!! I am so happy to have won the Little black Dress tags they are beyond wonderful!! I will get you my address...

    Anita, I am so happy that you will be receiving Francoise, and that everything turned out so well!!

  6. So great that Anita won !!! love was great to met you in Paris

  7. Congratulations to a happy winner! What a gift! Natalia

  8. Oh HAPPY DAY Dessa Rae!! How very kind of Heidi to pass your beautiful doll to dear Anita as a thank you for this amazing Paris Party.. I know Anita will be THRILLED when she receives it.. Your work is exquisite, and thank you dear Dessa Rae for having such a kind heart and giving Francoise a new home.. See, what goes around comes around.. You WON the beautiful black dress tags!
    So happy to see you note for Bebe... Yes, I send her places that I have not been... I would love to see Holland. If I ever go I will swing by and pick you up ok? teeee
    Happy week dear friend,

  9. Hi Dessa Rae
    So sorry I am late in getting back to you.. I had family visiting and truly enjoyed my visit..
    I am so happy Bebe was able to give you a smile. Thank you so much for your kind words.
    Have a great week.. Looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful dolls.

  10. Hi Dessa Rae
    So good to hear from you... Sorry I have not been by to visit before now, just so much work in the kitchen.. Thank you so much for your encouraging words! It means alot..

    Yes, I hand painted the bricks on the backsplash also with enamels.. It was not in my budget to have new tile put in so this was my solution.
    After it has cured for a week or so, I will give it a clear coat.. I am so happy you like it.


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