Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tibby's Artist Created Eyes

 This is the Tibby kit, by Donna Rubert.  
She is a work in progress.
I have created her low dome "Glass Like" 
eyes using Mary Ropelato's technique.
Visit Mary's website to find out a little bit 
on how these eyes are made.

Mary will be making a tutorial and selling it from her 
website as soon as she gets a regular routine,
you see Mary just had a baby, and now she 
has 3 little boys 5 years old and under.
I am not at liberty to tell how they are 
made but I can say that Mary's technique is different 
than any other you may have seen on the internet.

These eyes are hand painted,
and not computer generated.  
They take me about 3 days to make one pair.
I made a 24mm pair for Tibby.

These eyes are not perfect by any means, 
but the possibilities are endless.  I will be able to have 
any color or size at my disposal at any time.
I hope you like Tibby's brand new eyes as 
much as I did creating them.


  1. Oh my goodness! Those eyes are astonishing! So vibrant and lifelike!

  2. O my o my...it looks like a real baby !!!!!....this is so great !!!..i love it !!!...love love love Ria...xxx...

  3. These eyes are amazingly lifelike and quite lovely. This is going to be one very beautiful baby when she's completed. Thanks for sharing. Hugs

  4. Hi Dessa Rae
    Oh wow! She is adorable, those eyes... I must visit Mary's wedsite.. You have done an amazing job.. They are very lifelike Dessa Rae...

  5. wow, you have me interested in Marys tut! These eyes are beautiful DessaRae! Hope you are doing well, will enjoy seeing this doll when she's finished, I know she will be beautiful! xoxo Christel

  6. These eyes...so life-like and beautiful! So good to see your work again. Looking forward to more of your creations!
    All The Best...

  7. A beautiful baby Dessa Rae and I am looking forward to seeing her finished.
    She deserves those lifelike eyes too. They are so real looking and crystal clear with depth.
    Thank you for sharing about Marys' site as well.

    God Bless xx


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