Tuesday, May 6, 2014

I Loves Me Some Felt!!

 Hello there!!

Well I finally got my patterns designed and the first of many (I hope) Felt dolls made.

These sweet little dolls are so cute and warm and cuddly.  I don't stuff the body too tight just so they will melt right into your arms.

Each baby is slightly soft sculptured...I really don't do a lot on these felt dolls because the fabric tends to leave holes and stretch, so I let the actual pattern make the shape of the doll.

I am trying different types of hair right now and hope to get something that I like and can use on all of my babies to make them uniform.

I really like their finger and toe nails.  The technique I use really makes them lifelike which is really hard to do on felt.

The faces are hand-drawn and painted in acrylics, Pen, and ink...

Each face is One-of-a-Kind, even though similar in style.

I think they are so adorable!!  The faces have been treated with a UV protectant to keep the sun from doing much damage.

Please visit often and watch for more babies to show up.
Please contact me if you have any questions about my dolls.
Please visit my New Website to see more pictures of my sweet little Felt Babies.

Dessa Rae


  1. Oh Dessa Rae, it is so GOOD to see you here... I LOVE your doll..
    I could never even attempt to do this... What beautiful work you have done. What a sweet face, love the hair! I am looking at the fingers and toes... What a LOT of work that must have been. I don't know how you managed to paint on the felt without it bleeding... Beautiful work!
    Blessings dear friend

  2. Thank you so much Penny..
    Yes I have missed my blog, and I will continue to keep it up to date.
    I am glad you like her!! It's a long time int he making. I have had plans to do these dolls for a long time. It does take a light hand to keep the paint from bleeding, but I love working with the felt.
    Thanks again for dropping by.
    Dessa Rae

    1. How sweet of you to come by to meet Andre.. Thank you so much for your encouraging words... I am so happy to know you will be back to your blog... I have missed you..
      I just cannot get over the faces on your dolls...
      Enjoy your day Dessa

  3. Hi Dessa, so glad to see a post from you. This is amazing work! and the details are great! Finger, and toe nails in felt! wow. I too, love the hair. So many babies have wild hair, it hasn't quite figured out which way it wants to grow yet! :) I'm sure these will be a huge hit for you. I haven't seen many GOOD felt dolls. Pennys works too, are amazing. The tiny details make all the difference! have a great day, glad to see your post. She is darling! xoxo Christel


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