Thursday, August 14, 2014

Sweet Lavender Children "Addie"

Please let me introduce you to "Addie Gosey".  This sweet little doll is 15" tall and made of Wool Felt.  She is Hand-Painted and has a Human Hair wig created by me.  

She is named after a real person born in Alabama in the year 1890.  
Her face was inspired by a vintage photo.

She wears a combination of vintage and contemporary fabric, lace, and trim.
Her hat is molded Wool Felt also made by me.

She is the first in a series to be made for the Crossroads Doll and Teddy Bear Show in October

For more information about these special dolls please visit my new Web site Dessa Rae Original Art Dolls

1 comment:

  1. Dessa Rae... I am speechless! She is without a doubt, the sweetest doll!!!! I am in love with her and her clothes... You just amaze me.
    Her eyes have such expression, and what a sweet face... I can only imagine an entire collection of these adorable dolls.. I know she will be a smash at the Doll show..
    I hope you continue to share more.


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