Saturday, April 21, 2018

Cuddle Baby Creations

I am really guilty of blog neglect!!

So here I sit almost the last of April, getting ready for the R.O.S.E. Doll show.  This year I have decided to create Cuddle Baby Creations for the show.

These dolls are life size baby dolls with a vinyl head and a completely cloth body.  I have designed a new body that is very life like and slimmer than most of the bodies available. 

I am no longer rooting babies as my carpel tunnel really gives me problems when I do.

I am now painting baby hair.  I am self taught on this and it's been nothing trial and error, mostly error.  LOL  I think I have it down now and I am really liking the way it looks.

Here is what the finished babies will look like.

I hope to keep up on my blogging but life gets so busy...know what I mean!

Till next time, have a good one! ♥♥